Focus Areas

We have expertise and specialized skills to work in many facets of development, supported by a network of experts. At present, the majority of our efforts can be seen in the following key areas:

  • Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Innovation and Disruptive Technology. Productivity and Growth. Education, Skills and Jobs. Competitiveness.
  • Urbanization, Inequality and Poverty: Cities and Growth. Infrastructure for Intermediate-sized Cities. Migration and Urban Jobs. Sustainability.
  • Growth and Distribution: Inequality and Growth. Gender, Finance and Growth. Sustainable Inclusive Growth. Policies of Redistribution.
  • Globalization and Development. Broad trends in Globalization. Implications for Development Strategies. Trade and Investment. Regional trade.
  • Scenario Analysis. Cross-cutting thematic work to identify low probability, high impact events. Integration of global and country-specific mega-trends into scenarios. Resilience analysis and risk mitigation strategies.

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