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Inclusive Growth or Else
The decision to place inequality at the center of the discussion at Davos this year was a promising development. But actual solutions remain undeveloped, and concern about widening economic disparities within many countries remains inadequate, which must change if the current global economic recovery is to continue. More creative public policies to deal with rising inequality need the support...
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How a Female-Focused development Strategy Might Work
The Canadian government has taken a bold step in re-positioning its development assistance policy to focus on women. Exactly how this will be implemented and squared with other Canadian foreign policy goals is not yet clear — but two things do stand out. First, success will depend on identifying the binding constraints to women’s economic empowerment in specific countries...
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Industrial Policy Revisited
Industrial policy has always been controversial and practiced by many countries in some fashion or other. The development experience that most exemplifies successful industrial policy (IP) is that of South Korea, where despite its excesses and negatives, it was part of a package of successful policies pursued by a government-led development strategies.
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Trade is Slowing Down: What Does This Imply for Globalization?
As is widely reported by the IMF and others, global trade is growing at a far slower pace since 2012 than at any time in the previous 30 years. This is all the more worrying since economic growth itself has been anemic since the Great Recession and current forecasts are not terribly ebullient. What can we expect and how will domestic forces shape the future of globalization.
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Making globalisation more inclusive: A way forward
Globalisation and technological change present policymakers with tremendous challenges in sustaining benefits while containing the dislocations and polarisation that are plaguing many countries. This column argues that the answer is not to roll back these forces, but rather to redouble efforts to make globalisation genuinely inclusive.
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