Our Mission & Objectives


We are an independent voice fostering shared and sustainable economic growth. Our conversations help policymakers in the developing world consider appropriate and relevant policy actions to effectively promote economic growth. This dialogue is enriched with the inclusion of experienced policy officials, academics, and experts. Policy themes are selected for their relevance, with a premium afforded to new and controversial areas in which research and policy perspectives can usefully inform one another. We seek to inform, to push the frontiers of policy experience, and to be of practical use to countries pursuing economic growth objectives. Regional events facilitate dialogue, and on occasion, global events may also further the conversations. Links with other independent think-tanks and universities, play an important role in finding synergies and common interests in the field of economic growth and economic development.

Who We Are

  • We are a network of experts driven by the goal of promoting sustainable economic growth. Without growth, it is hard to imagine sustainable development and improvements in people’s lives. We bring growth thinkers, practitioners and policymakers together to share and promulgate views, lessons and experience.
  • In a global environment in which growth paradigms change and new policy challenges emerge, we are a policy think tank where new ideas are incubated, where experiential learning takes place, and where policymakers can discuss their common challenges, free of ideology and institutional influence.  Economic growth lessons need continuous recalibration and wide promulgation through connectivity.
  • We are a place for latest thinking of economic growth to be highlighted, and a site for exchanges of views with the hope that recalibration of thinking can drive better and smarter decisions.
  • In this vein, we are a successor to the Commission on Growth and Development, that produced the Growth Report in 2008, a Special Report in 2009, and many background papers by distinguished academics, former political leaders, and economic observers on the major challenges of growth.  The commission was chaired by Nobel laureate Michael Spence and was comprised of many distinguished economic policymakers and accomplished leaders.
  • Similar to the Growth Commission, we are an independent voice on economic growth and a platform for policy dialogue among those entrusted with producing it in developing and emerging market economies. The Growth Dialogue has a pool of world-class experts, experienced in many facets of economic growth, who act as interlocutors with governments, bringing the latest research insights and cross-regional learning to bear on policy problems.
  • We carry out our work through the Growth Dialogue, established in 2010 and the Growth Dialogue Institute, established in 2014 with corporate support.

What We Do

  • Generate new applied policy research. We explore new ideas on economic growth by undertaking relevant policy work in collaboration with think-tanks and universities, especially in the developing parts of the world. Our aim is to tackle controversial topics and also to anticipate areas in which policy debate is headed and to convene discussions on those themes.
  • Convene Policy Workshops and Symposia. We specialize in bringing policymakers, academics and development practitioners together to deal with new or vexing policy problems. We equip policymakers in the trenches, those dealing with development challenges with independent, unfiltered advice from other regions, the latest economic thinking, and implications from academic findings that will foster better policy solutions to key challenges impeding economic growth.
  • Provide Advisory Services. On a demand-only basis, we advise on development strategies for specific countries, we advise corporate clients on economic outlooks in emerging markets, and we assist universities and think-tanks with applied research, often on sector-specific issues. We provide policymakers with best sources of advice available on growth and growth-related topics, often working with multilateral lenders or other providers of policy advice.
  • Publish and disseminate findings. We highlight and publish work on economic growth, often in partnership with others, in order to disseminate latest findings. We promulgate views of experts derived from Dialogue-sponsored events in order to help us better understand the challenges of economic growth. We increasingly use the web for dissemination.

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