Symposium on New Technologies, Jobs, Growth and Development

September 22, 2017

The Growth Dialogue, in partnership with the World Bank’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, organized a Symposium on New Technologies, Jobs, Growth and Development. (September 22, 2017) The notion that new and potentially disruptive technologies (DT) can be very productive but also cause significant dislocations to both product and labor markets is fairly well accepted. What is less clear is the magnitude of the effects and what it is that governments can do, if anything, to ease adjustments to markets that are already undergoing significant change as seen in worsening income inequality and high local unemployment in many countries. Increasing our understanding of the underlying phenomena will help us advocate for effective policy responses that are economically efficient, beneficial for inclusiveness, and helpful for political and social stability.

For more information, presentations, and video-recording, visit: CIIP’s page.

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